How it works

Defendoor is your extra eyes and ears.

It is a total wireless solution, powered by wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, Beacon technology, and uses three AA batteries that will last more than a year.

The rugged design is waterproof, and promises crystal clear audio using echo cancellation.

About us

Glate dedicates to making home safer and smarter.

Defendoor Camera

  • 1 year Battery Life
  • Total wireless solution/ Install anywhere
  • Different ring tone by sensing different smartphone and sensor
  • Water Proof
  • Wide Angle Lens: 150 degree
  • 720P/ HD resolution
  • High power night vision IR
  • Crystal-clear audio using echo 
  • Guest can leave a voice message

Vibration sensor

Vibration sensor, monitoring door, window or any object Monitoring whether or not a child came home from school on time

Motion sensor

The motion sensor can be automatically enabled once Defendoor notices that you are out.


Defendor features 150 degree wide angle len, and can be paired up to 5 sensors. It can also be expanded unlimitedly.

Vibration/ Motion sensor detector

When it detects unusual movements, the Defendoor alarm will sound and the system will instantly send you a text message and also record a 30 sec HD clip.

Easy to installation!

Simply stick sensors wherever you want to gate, and put Defendoor toward the sensors

Check-In Messenger

Monitoring whether or not a child came home from school on time


Proposed installation

Defendoor leaves no blind spot and makes your home fully protected.


Defendoor Camera inside the house/ Security camera

Defendoor camera on the gate/ Door Bell

Motion Sensor

Defendoor camera Vibration Sensor Motion Sensor

Media Exposure